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  • Is the first call actually free?
    Yes! No card information is collected when you schedule your first call. So there's no pressure to continue if you aren't ready.
  • Are these appointments only for alcohol dependencies?
    Although my main area of expertise is alcohol, I am certified in many different areas of addiction such as: -social media -smoking tabacco -eating disorders -etc.. and all of the behaviors, habits and health concerns that come with them. Reach out to me for your free call and we can discuss if we're the right fit to help each other.
  • What are your rates $$$ ?
    We will discuss the right plan for you during our first free call depending on where you are right now, where you see yourself, how often you want to talk...etc I will tell you this: It will most likely cost less than you're spending on alcohol.
  • Can I schedule an appointment even if I don't live in Colorado?
    Yes! You can schedule from anywhere in the world. Our appointments on Calendly, automatically change to your time zone.
  • I'm not addicted to alcohol, but I want to take a break.. is this the right place for me?"
    This is a great place for you! Since I offer a free introductory call, we can go over a lot of details about where you are in life right now and where you want to be in 30 days with my help.
  • How do I schedule a free appointment?
    Your first appointment with Jenn is Free! To schedule an appointment: -Go to the "Online Appointments" tab at the top of the page -Find the Calender on the page -Pick a date and time that works best for you -No card information is collected as it is free, so there's no pressure to continue if you aren't ready. If you're still having trouble, text or call me at 720-583-5109
  • What is Alcohol Free Super Powers?
    This is vitual or over the phone coaching for people who are thinking about living a sober lifestyle and those who are trying to be sober but need some support. As someone who depended on alcohol too much in previous years of my life, I want to give back and help those who want it. The Name Alcohol Free Super Powers came from the euphoria I've felt since being sober. About Page >>
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