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You deserve to be sober.

AFSP is here to help people who are thinking about living a sober lifestyle and those who are trying to be sober but need some support.


It's up to you to TAKE CONTROL.


Get the support you need today. There's no harm in trying.  

Alcohol Facts

Of the 14.4 million alcohol users who want/need help, only 7.9% have received treatment.

Over 80% of people over the age of 18 drink in the US. 

Alcohol is the 3rd leading preventable cause in the US.

If you're ready to try to:
-Live a healthier life
-Enjoy time with loved ones
-Have a clear mind
-Sleep better
-Move on from toxic relationships with dependencies

I use the name Alcohol Free Super Powers because of the euphoria and strength I've felt since beginning my sober journey.  

I hope that everyone who wants to, gets to feel this sensation!

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