You deserve to be sober.

AFSP is here to help people who are thinking about living a sober lifestyle and those who are trying to be sober but need some support.

Appointments are virtual via Zoom, phone or Voxer app.

The choice is yours.

Sobriety may appear vast or unattainable, but most of us want to make improvements consciously and subconsciously.


It's up to you to TAKE CONTROL.


Do what's best for your mind and body. Get the support you need today.


There's no harm in trying.  



Over 80% of people over the age of 18 drink in the US. Whether it's socially, an addiction or abuse, you came here for a reason. Let's talk today.


Anxiety is an underlaying factor of many dependencies or traumas in our past. Let me know when you're ready to tackle anxiety and take back your life. 


Nicotine/tobacco effects over 18 million people in the US. You are not alone with wanting to quit.


You're not alone. Compulsive pornography consumption can effect so much of our lives. Let's get you the help you deserve, contact me today. 

Social Media

With the media becoming more and more accessible, some times we need a helping hand to moderate or cleanse our minds.


There's numerous amounts of topics that are personal to everyone. Reach out and let me know what you need guidance with, and I can connect you with help.

If you're ready to try to...

-Live a healthier life

-Enjoy time with loved ones

-Have a clear mind

-Sleep better

-Move on from toxic relationships with dependencies

I use the name Alcohol Free Super Powers due to the euphoria and strength I've felt since being sober.  

I hope that everyone who wants to, gets feel this sensation!

I am here to help.